Buying a great bike is making a great investment. You have put you hard earned money in it and it would be bad if you would lose your bike with a single toss. That’s why it is important that whenever you leave your bike unattended, it should always be under lock and key. But which type of lock suits you?

For Hybrid Bikes for Women, Road Bikes, Commuter Bikes, and many other types of bicycles, there are specific factors that will determine the best lock for your bike. These factors are common to all models.

Know the Types of Locks

You should know the various types of locks that we have before you find the best one for your bike. The type of lock that you choose for your bike determines how secure your bike is. This is always the very first step. Here are the various types of locks that you could choose from today.

  • U-locks
  • Double locks
  • Sturdy chains

Every lock works differently. U locks are hard to cut through. Chains are less secure but cheap to buy. Double locks will only buy time. Even so, they still operate in the same way such as cables too.

Material of Manufacture

Additionally, you should also understand the type of material that the bicycle lock has been made out of. Locks made from hardened steel are better and harder to cut through. This will easily discourage a thief from persisting or trying their luck. They are more secure and can be left unattended easily.

The Lock Size Matters

The bigger the lock the harder it is to cut through. That’s just common sense! A bigger lock will also make it really easy for you to secure your bike. It can go round the locking edge in many rounds and thus make it harder to crack through. Again because it is lengthier it will take less time to lock.

Smaller locks will take you much time to lock especially if the lock doesn’t fit properly. However, compared to bigger locks, smaller locks are hard to pick as the key hole is also very small and give thieves hard time.

Watch the Right Brand

There are a number of bike lock brands that are known to provide quality lock – what more do you need? Depending on the reviews, references, and recommendations, you can always determine the real deal from a swindle. The same applies with how long the brand has been around.

Check Out the Key Type

Key ways will either make your lock easy to pick or hard to pick. For the cool Hybrid Bikes for Women, locks with keyholes are often the best as they are extremely hard to pick. Additionally, you can always go for keyholes that are centrally placed as they offer the same surety as the former. But unless you can’t avoid it, buy a combination lock but remember they are not as secure.

Thickness of the Lock

The thickness of the lock also determines how hard it is to cut through. Well some materials could be thick but soft, but either ways they could still buy you some time. A thick hardened still lock provides the surest security. They are hard to cut through using bolt cutters and could also deter thieves from trying.

Have the Price In Mind

A great lock should meet your budget needs. Indeed it should remain highly affordable for you apart from keeping your bike safe. Always set out a budget and work within your budget when buying.

How to Lock Your Bike Securely

Locking a bicycle securely just doesn’t happen. It is something that you must learn. Here are some tips that could be of great help.

  • Identify where the frame and the tyre of your bike meet.
  • Secure the lock around the frame and tyre.
  • Don’t secure only one wheel.
  • Secure your bike to a post or immovable object.
  • Having a supporting object together makes the bike hard to carry.
  • Use your chains with locks
  • Wrap chains around wheels
  • This makes them hard to as detached and carry away

To learn more about picking the best locks for hybrid bikes click here. Locks provide the security your bike needs as you cannot carry your bike everywhere you go. Use the best locks always.