Imagine leaving your bike somewhere for a short while only to get back and find it missing. Imagine how frantic you’d get as you think of your beloved stallion in the hands of an unknown person. And don’t even mention the cost of a new hybrid. We both know they don’t come cheap!

This will not only depress you but aggravate any stress that you were trying to beat through cycling in the first place. For this reason you need to find ways of securing your bike with a U-lock, double lock or sturdy chain. This will help ensure your bike stays where you leave it.

Go for bike brands that are intended to survive the city. Those that are fitted with anti-theft components that will give you peace of mind knowing your bike is secure. The best bikes that uphold security are fitted with custom security bolts which protects them from thieves. From the wheels to the seat, to the handle bars, the bikes are packed with theft-resistant components. Most hybrid bike reviews will give you great security pointers.

Before we even consider the best lock for your hybrid let’s highlight tips for securely locking your bike.

  • Secure the lock around the frame of your hybrid. Thieves find it easy to carry away your bike if you secure only one wheel.
  • The best place to secure a bike is to a post or immovable object. This way, thieves can’t carry away the bike and the supporting object together.
  • Ensure to use robust chains with the locks and remember to secure the wheels as well or they will be detached and carried away.

How to Determine the Best Locks

For your locks to be effective in securing your hybrid bike, there are key considerations you should bear in mind.

Type of Lock

The type of lock determines whether your bike is properly secured or not. The various types of locks available in the market include U-locks, double locks and sturdy chains. The U-locks are popular among bikers because it is difficult to cut open.

Though chains are an alternative for securing your bike, the use of cables could enable the thief to cut through using a bolt cutter and steal your bike. The chains are a more secure option as you can secure the bike to a post in a location that you are comfortable with. They are not as easy to cut and offer more security than U-locks.

Number of Locks

A double lock offers more security for your hybrid as it takes a thief twice the effort to work through the locks. You can go for a U-lock that has two bolts and it will serve the function just as well.

Type of Keyway

The best locks have keyholes that make it difficult for thieves to pick. You don’t want a lock that can be picked in seconds and your hybrid carried away. It is advisable to go for keyholes that are centrally placed as they are harder to pick. Combination locks are not the best though. They are not as secure.


The size of a lock defines its pros and cons. On one hand the bigger the lock the better. The main reason is that a bigger lock makes it easier to go round and firmly secure your hybrid. A smaller lock is much harder to properly lock and can cause you a lot of embarrassing moments as you struggle to properly secure your bike. On the other hand the bigger locks make it easier for thieves to pick. The smaller locks provide limited room for a thief to pick. The type of bike you have should help you define the size of lock you choose to buy.

The Material it is Made of

Lighter locks are not recommended for obvious reasons. They are prone to be picked and can easily be cut with bolt cutters. Go for heavier locks made of hardened steel. The thicker the material the better as it will deter thieves from cutting or picking the lock.

The best example of secure hybrid bikes are of the fortified bike brands. They offer men’s hybrid bike and are less prone to theft as they come fitted with security bolts and fortified wheel locks which make them theft resistant. Bottom line is your bikes security is key and choosing the best locks is a great starting point.