Sixthreezero Bike Reviews 2021 – Hybrid Bikes

One of the best men’s hybrid bicycle brands is the Sixthreezero brands. In this post we are going to look at one of the best top rated Sixthreezero Men’s bike of 2021. We are going to highlight on the structure, design, and efficiency features of this top rated bike.

Let us highlight the top rated Sixthreezero hybrid bikes in 2021 – Comparison

Top Rated Sixthreezero Bikes – Reviews

sixthreezero around the blockWhile it took 80 days to go around the world, it will take you much less than that with the sixthreezero “Around the Block.” Being a cruiser bike means this one has to endure a lot, but it is still deficient maintenance, along with being sturdy and highly comfortable to use.

 Low maintenance

If you are getting yourself a cruiser bike, you must have some idea about how hard it is to maintain some of them. Well, not this one. This one was made to be for casual rides and even comfortable going rides but also be made in a way that it does not have to be maintained too much. All in all, this one is very well made and needs a minimal amount of time to clean up and to manage.


Another thing that this little guy offer to you is a stylish ride. Just because a bike is efficient does not mean it can not be top-notch in terms of style. Well, this bike can be found in 13 colors. And also you get 4 gearing options so you can tailor it to your needs. There are added blacked-out components so you can style the bike however you want.

 Comfortable ride

Comfort is critical, no matter what kind of product we are talking about. And

this one from sixthreezero is known for being super convenient to use. It makes sure you stay upright when riding and also features coaster brakes for a subtle yet strong brake. There are also deluxe cushioned saddles and foam-covered handlebars adding more comfort to what there already is.


Highlighted features

  • Comfortable to use
  • Very stylish with many colors and tools
  • Well made and long-lasting


What we liked

  • Ensures an upright position

  • Made for comfortable standing and sitting positions

  • Comes in 13 colors

  • Has 4 gearing options

  • Good for casual rides

What we didn’t like

  • A little hard to set up

Although this one is a little hard to install, this one is stylish and comfortable to use, and that is why we recommend you buy this.

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The bike is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano external hub. This allows the user to enjoy a wide range of riding options.  It also has speed shifters and an integrated brake lever that makes it easy to change gears and achieve a super performance.

The bike also enjoys 26 inch semi slick tires. The tires are great at providing a cushioned/ smooth ride across the roughest of terrains too. It is a cruiser with a classic forward peddling design for its city users.


The bikes frame is made of a 19 inch swooping frame. The frame is forged from a lightweight aluminum alloy. It is perfect for a number of multi-purpose activities that this bicycle can be used for. From cruising, leisure rides, and commuting, this bike is simply awesome.

The bike offers an upright riding style thanks to its well-designed handlebars. You can enjoy the perfect riding posture with shoulders comfortably set and foot in a suitable forward position to help you have a proper leg extension. The bike also comes with fenders that make you easily visible in very blurry weather.

The bike is cool; it has a unique eye catching design. It comes in a black matte hue with a comfy matching dual spring saddle. Additionally, it has matching fenders and a rear rack for optional panniers and shopping basket support.

What we liked

  • Built to ride casually on a regular basis

  • Amazing built quality

  • Multi-purpose activity

  • Great handling

  • Unique design

What we didn’t like

  • Frame might be damaged easily

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Sixthreezero is known for quality women and men’s bikes. Let’s look at the qualities of the top rated Sixthreezero Women’s bike of 2021.

This bike is designed for everyday commuting. This Sixthreezero bike review will highlight the top qualities and features that make this bike awesome.

For instance the Sixthreezero Women bike is also known versatile aluminum alloy frame and a stylish that speaks volumes on class as you ride down the streets. The bike is also a multi-purpose bike that’s could easily double up for leisurely rides, cruising, exercising, and even commuting.

Sixthreezero Explore

The bike is has a 7-speed Shimano external hub for a wide range of riding options. It also has super speed shifters with integrated brake lever for easy gear change.

It comes with a 700 x 38C wheels. The wheels are double-walled providing a smooth ride across different terrains.

The bikes frame is made lightweight aluminum alloy. It is perfect for hard packed trails and also cruising, leisure rides, and most importantly commuting.

The bike’s synthetic leather saddle, upright riding style; and well-designed handlebars allows you to enjoy the perfect riding posture. Your foot easily sets in a suitable forward position for proper leg extension.

The bike has a super cool design. It comes with a comfy matching dual spring saddle and rear rack for optional panniers and shopping basket.

What we liked

  • Perfectly designed for a women’s need

  • Supper comfortable to ride

  • Built for regular use

  • Will last a life time

What we didn’t like

  • The padding of the seat wears out quickly

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sixthreezero pave ‘n trail hybrid bike

For the first position on our list, we are featuring a hybrid road bike from sixthreezero. Other than being a hybrid this also makes sure offer a smooth ride, the highest level of comfort a is also very easy to set up.

Easy to set up

One of the best things about any product is when it is fit to be used right out of the box. Well, for this hybrid bike, it is somewhat true. Because it is mostly assembled from the manufacturer, you will probably need only 15 to 20 minutes to set up the entire thing. Not only that, since there are not as many spare parts, you will not need any fancy tools to install this thing either.

 Smooth ride

Another thing that we love about this bike is the fact that it can offer you a smooth ride. Being hybrid, it has these anti-vibration springs that make it more bearable to ride across uneven road. The handlebars are made to compliment the rider’s body. And if that was not enough, the entire structure is built to make sure the rider does not have to slouch and can ride in an upright position with ease.


Let us talk about how every feature in this thing eventually makes the whole bike super comfortable to use. First off, moving this thing is not hard because it is light in weight. Not only that, the hybrid feature makes it suitable for both bumpy roads and flat surfaces. All in all, it is made to be super stable and comfortable for all riders.

 Highlighted feature

  • Can shift smoothly between gears
  • Comfortable upright position
  • Light in weight

What we liked

  • Hybrid in nature

  • Shift easily between gears

  • Able to sit straight while biking

  • Easy to set up

What we didn’t like

  • The instruction manual does not have enough information

If you are looking for a hybrid bike for women that performs well in all kinds of roads, then this is your winner!

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3. Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser

Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser has a great  position on our list, we about going to feature a cruiser bike that is the perfect Frame for women. It is none other than the sixthreezero beach cruiser bike for women.

Simple build

If there is one thing, we all know it is that a simple build always helps when it comes to a bike. Since maintenance is never easy, it helps that this one has no cable or complex gearing systems. Other than that this specific cruiser also has an 18-inch frame that makes it simple yet elegant.

Sophisticated style

While style is usually at the bottom of the priority list for most, this bike keeps it cool with the 16 colors that it provides. Other than the colors, you also get a curved handle that goes with the rider’s body shape and moves with them. It also has an extra-wide bubble saddle that is stylish and too super comfortable for the biker.

Weather friendly

If you are getting yourself a bike; no matter what kind of bike it is, you would want it to be resistant to weather changes. Well, you will be happy to know that this one is. Even if it is dry or rainy weather, the material this is made of is very well made and also climate-friendly.  


Highlighted features

  • Well designed
  • Simple yet sophisticated build
  • Can be used in any weather


What we liked

  • Comfortable to use in any weather

  • Comes in 16 colors

  • Handlebars are curvy for added comfort

  • Does not have a sophisticated design

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly expensive

Despite being a little expensive, we assure you that this cruiser bike is the perfect fit if you ride it frequently and especially for outdoor trips.

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Sixthreezero Body Ease

This one is a women’s bike that is mainly focused on providing comfort. It also has a rear rack and is also customizable as well as multifunctional.

Comfortable ride

If you are looking for comfort as a woman who bikes, then this one is your winner. It can absorb bumps on uneven roads and can give you a tension-free ride. You can ride this bike in an upright position as well as the handlebar and Frame and a  comfortable spot. All in all, the frame structure makes sure there is no pressure felt by riders in their knees or joints.


Being multifunctional is another excellent feature for this one. Because of the seven speed Shimano external derailleur, you can ride from a shirt range to a long-range and everything in between. Not only that it also features the kind of things that make it suitable for exercising as well. Although it is not ideal for racing, you can use it for recreational activities as well.


Being customizable is a big deal for any product. But luckily for this bike although you can customize it this one is not expensive at all. There is a rear rack for a basket included that gives you the option to keep it or leave. You also get optional panniers so there is a lot of customization options you can work with.

 Highlighted features

  • Additional parts for custom design
  • Tires are best for all kinds of riding
  • Can absorb bumps for a comfortable ride

What we liked

  • Great for excercisinging

  • Looks very aesthetic

  • Comfortable seat and handle

  • Both front and rear handbrake available

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for people who are 6 feet or taller


If you are someone who is average height and need a multifunctional bike, then you should get this one from sixthreezero.

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extended frame beach cruiser

For the seventh position on our list, we have a men’s cruiser bike that has an 18-inch extended frame. This one can give the ride lots of comforts, has a great frame design and is extremely easy to ride.

Superior comfort

Since we have already established how important comfort is you should know this boke from sixthreezero provides a lot of comfort with the extra-wide seat. This also allows you to avoid feeling any bump from uneven roads. You will feel the highest level of comfort if you buy yourself this one.

Easy to ride

Being easy to ride is an important thing when you are buying yourself a bike. This one is specifically great for beginners, so if you are learning to ride a bike or starting to ride out recently; then you should get this. Also, it has a ride extension handle, 4 gear option, and so on. The 1-speed option is excellent for beginners, while the 7 speed provides maximum versatility.

Frame design

The frame design is crucial in providing comfort and making your riding much more pleasant. And because it is so well designed, it is straightforward to ride. It has an 18-inch frame as well they can be tailored to your needs. This one is also an ideal size for taller men.

Highlighted features

  • Great for beginners
  • Very nice frame design
  • Made to be comfortable

What we liked

  • Made to absorb bumps on uneven roads

  • 18-inch frame design

  • Can be customized based on rider’s height

  • Has a 4 gear option

  • Vibrant colors

  • Easy to assemble

What we didn’t like

  • Mediocre tires


If you are looking for a men’s cruiser bike that has a large frame and is ideal for comparatively taller men, then you should check out this one.

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Sixthreezero Ride in The Park

This specific bike from sixthreezero is excellent if you are looking for a women’s bike that is ideal as a road bike. It is versatile, comfortable, and has a lot of precision.


Versatility is crucial when you are looking to get yourself a decent bike. This one gives you the maximum level of versatility as a  cruiser. But it can be used for all kinds of the coast all types of riding be it casual or for long-distance. This one also has a light aluminum bu8lt that gives it the efficiency it needs to navigate in traffic or hills.


Because most road bikes are used for an extended period, a ride deserves the highest level of comfort. And this one helps very well in keeping the upright position that one needs. The design is also charming and ensures a comfortable ride for all. There are height customizing features as well, and you can time the handlebar based on your needs.


Being precise in turns and movement when you’re on the road is crucial. And this one provides the right amount of precision with its front AND read handbrake. Not only that it has 7 hearing options through twist grip shifters on the handlebar as well. It also has a low frame for a low swoop frame for easy step through both entry and exit spots.

Highlighted features

  • Precise movement for safe riding
  • Customizable height and baskets
  • Designed for an upright position

What we liked

  • Great for long and comfortable riding

  • Can adjust the height based on needs

  • Can easily switch 7 gears with twist grip shifters

  • Contains a custom basket and matching fenders

  • Light in weight

What we didn’t like

  • Set up manual is not helpful


Most road bikes need precision along with versatility and comfort because most users use it as the primary means of transportation. So if you are looking for a bike that you can rely on this one is your winner.


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Unique Specialties of the Sixthreezero Bike

Unlike many other hybrid bicycle brands, the Sixthreezero bike reviews will dwell specifically on the top qualities of this one of a kind hybrid bike. The brand is celebrated for a number of features; notably its customized hybrid cruiser design.

It is also known for its highly versatile aluminum alloy frame and an upright riding style. Additionally, the bike has a stylish geometry that allows you to enjoy every moment you spend riding. Nonetheless, the bike is a multi-purpose bike designed for leisure, cruising, exercise, and even commuting.

The bike’s features include steel handlebars, matte frame, matching fenders and carries, rear rack, and Shimano external hub. It also has a dual spring saddle and grips. You can always find it in different size ranges too. For men, the 26 inch is always the best size.

Final Word

With a comfortable 17” design, the Sixthreezero Women’s bike of 2021 is an awesome addition to your commuting needs. You can easily drop to work in style and save on fuel while enjoying the comfort of dual spring saddle.