A hybrid bike is currently on huge demand when it comes to trekking and doing other adventurous stuff. Not only that, this bike will give you the kind of adrenaline rush that you might have experienced with the road or mountain bike.

These are cheaper to buy than a road bike, so people are diverting towards it even more. Whether you are a pro or an amateur cyclist, speed is your ultimate friend when it comes to riding your hybrid bike. There are various techniques that you can apply strategically to achieve high speeds.

Following this article, you will get to know all about it. Read on to find out more.


  • Ride Daily

Everyday, take some time out from your schedule and go out for a ride on your hybrid bike. Do it around for an hour or two. This is very effective in increasing the riding speed. Thus, your leg muscle will strengthen with time which will give a big push in the overall speed of the bike.

Along with that, your physical fitness will also be improved.


  • Monitor the Speed

In order to measure the speed, you can use a cyclometer. You can buy it from any shop where hybrid and other kinds of mountain bikes are sold. This device will monitor the overall speed that you have covered, which will give you an idea about the effort that you have put when you went out for a ride.

You will be able to measure the distance also. You can create a list about the speed and distance that you have covered everyday. This will eventually motivate you to push yourself a bit harder daily. If you have good physical fitness, you will find out that your bike speed is increasing gradually.


  • Apply Correct Gear Techniques

To increase the overall efficiency of your riding speed, you must know the proper gear techniques as it will be your huge support in times of your needs. This kind of techniques should match in a way that you will feel comfortable, and with the time you should push yourself harder to get out from your comfort zone to achieve high speeds.

On the other hand, the roads and your physical strength are also dependant to apply appropriate gear techniques. If you prefer to ride for an hour, go for at least 10-15 minutes of spinning. Maintain a higher rpm (revolutions per minute) at a lower gear ratio and then give 5 minutes of full effort at a gear combination in a higher level.

After this step, slow down and maintain the spinning process at a lower gear. Repeat this process. Check your heart rate throughout the whole time during raising and lowering the gear. It is advisable that you give time to calm down your heart rate during the time you play with the gear.

With time, you will be strong enough to improve your technique. In this situation, level up your effort time and lower your spinning time. If you ride with your full strength on day one, spin easily on day two. This will give time and space to strengthen and develop your leg muscles.


  • Go for a Workout

As mentioned already, your physical fitness is mandatory for you to achieve high speeds on your bike. Do some exercises that will strengthen your core and leg muscles. It is best to do it in a gym under the proper supervision of a trainer.

One bonus tip for you is that you can do cycling and riding on alternate days which will also add some extra strength on your core and leg muscles.


  • Ride with a Pro Rider

Join a cycling group full of pro riders or even find a family member or friend who are good in riding at high speeds. In this way, you will gain some additional information from them which you can use it along with the mentioned techniques.

If they ride faster than you, you will motivate yourself automatically to reach their level. Thus, you can use the experienced riders as your advantage.


  • Eat Nutritious Food

You have to maintain proper nutrition before and after you go out for cycling. Don’t eat too much before you head out with your bike. Eat foods that are full of carbohydrate. This will increase your energy during the time you cycle.

Accordingly, it will give you the boost that you will need when you are going to increase the speed at a level that is higher than normal.



Hope you got all the necessary information that you were looking for. These are all the basic information that you should know if you are planning to ride like a pro rider.

Enjoy riding!

Stay safe!