Critical Cycles Bike Reviews 2021 – Hybrid Bikes

Critical Cycles has been around for a very long time. They are known for some of the best hybrid commuter bicycles. For a sleek design and an easy to ride of urban bike, it always tops the chart. In this post, we are going to look at the top Critical Cycles bike design of the fall.

Let us highlight the top rated CriticalCycles hybrid bikes in 2019 – Comparison

Top Rated CriticalCycles Bikes – Reviews

Since its inception, Retrospec has always provided its consumers with high-end products, and this cycle is the prime example of it. The frame of the bicycle has been made with sturdy steel material. Therefore, if you use it carefully, then it will last for a prolonged period. However, because being manufactured with steel, the bike might feel a little bit heavy for a few people.

Retrospec Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Commuter Bike with Foot Brake

The commuter bicycle from Retrospec comes with VP freestyle pedals, which are both durable and comfortable. Besides, the manufacturing brand has also added a foot brake with its bike for making it both more comfortable and safer for riding it.  Another factor, which boosts the cycle’s safety quotient, even more, is its Kenda City tires, which are quite wide. Due to their size and stature, they can provide you an ample amount of grip on any road.

And the best part?

The bicycle also comes with deep-V rims, which are quite robust and offer a smooth riding experience even on the uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the riser handlebars of the bike have been positioned in such a way so that they can lower the chances of a back strain. Anyway, the chain guard of the cycle is made with plastic material. So, if you are not cautious, then it might get damaged quite easily.

Highlighted Features

  • The Kenda City Tires offers optimum grip on any road
  • Its deep-V rims offer a seamless riding experience
  • The bike’s highly durable steel frame can absorb any type of shock
  • It is available in two different size and color variants
  • Its VP freestyle pedal makes it easier for the riders to paddle for a long time

What we liked

  • The bicycle is quite durable

  • Offers excellent performance and speed on any surface

  • It is quite budget-friendly

  • Comes with almost all the types of equipment and tools

  • Features a simple yet sophisticated design

What we didn’t like

  • The chain guard is not durable at all

  • The bicycle is quite heavy

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Do you want to ride a fixie bike but do not want to spend much on it? Then, this bike should be ideal for you. Being a part of Retrospec’s next-generation single-speed bicycle, it offers the riders with an additional degree of command on any type of road. So, with it, you can actually go anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Retrospec Mantra V2 Urban Commuter Bike

Like the previous bike on this list, this one, too, has a sturdy steel frame. Hence, it can easily carry 250 pounds of weight. Furthermore, it also has TIG-welding joints, that are both quite robust and aesthetically beautiful. However, the steel frame of the bike comes with a diamond shape. So, it will not be an ideal option for the female riders.

But you know what else?

It also has Kenda tires, which are perfect for both commuter as well as adventurous purposes. There are also double-wall rims available with this bicycle, which provides even more strength and creates a lower amount of drag. Moreover, if you opt for this cycle, then you will get the chance to choose from five size options and 12 color variants. So, what are you waiting for?

Highlighted Features

  • The solid steel frame and the TIG welds make the bike even more durable
  • Its VP freestyle pedals make the task of paddling a lot simpler and easier
  • The Kenda Kwest tires offer both speed and high amount of grip
  • It has a load capacity of more than 250 pounds
  • Switching its gear is quite easy with its flip-flop hub and cartridge bearing hub

What we liked

  • Can withstand almost any kind of weather and does not get damaged that easily

  • The bike does not require much maintenance

  • Can be ridden on both the city roads and uneven surfaces quite comfortably

  • The brakes of the cycle are of high quality

  • Its overall design makes it comfortable for the riders to ride it for many hours

What we didn’t like

  • Does not have any saddle carrying cage

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When talking about the best cruiser bicycles in the market, the first name that comes to mind is the Retrospec Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser. Like the other models of Retrospec, this one, too, comes with a steel frame. Yet, as it does not feature that many components, it is quite lightweight. Anyway, the frame of the bike has a height of 18 inches. Hence, if you do not have a height of 5’3”, then it will be quite difficult for you to handle it properly.

The Retrospec Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser is currently available in three different gear options, 1-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed. The 1-speed variant is quite easy to ride and perfect for the daily commuters. Secondly, the 3-speed option is perfect for going on some adventurous journeys. Lastly, the 7-speed one is actually ideal for riding on any surface.

But wait, there’s more.

It has a lot of components, such as Shimano derailleur, which can be somewhat challenging to use for beginners. Anyways, to make things a little bit simpler for the novice cyclists, Retrospec has added upright handlebars. These are both easier to handle and offers a strong riding position.

Highlighted Features

  • Its double-wall rims can absorb a high amount of shocks
  • Comes with coaster brakes, which offers an excellent braking experience in any condition
  • Has three different gear options
  • Its wide Wanda tires offer a right amount of grip and speed

What we liked

  • Its overall design and color combination looks quite aesthetic and eye-catching

  • Owing to its seating and handlebar positions, the bicycle offers a comfortable riding experience

  • The cycle is best for riding in almost any weather or road condition

  • It is quite lightweight, which makes it easier to handle

  • The steel frame of the cycle is quite robust and can carry around 250lbs of weight

What we didn’t like

  • The pedals of the bicycle are not that strong.

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The bike comes with seven-speed Shimano drivetrain. It also has a RevoShift gear grip shifter. The two features provided the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed City Commuter Bike with variety of riding options.

They also boost precision, speed, and ultimate control in the bike. Together with the front and rear alloy brakes, the whole package will keep you pretty much safe when you are riding your bike around town.

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed City Commuter Bike

The bike has a lightweight classic diamond steel hand-built frame. The frame comes with an upright riding position and majorly designed for urban commuting, leisure rides, and exercising among many other things. In short, the bike is an all-purpose bike with a suitable frame to go with.

Just like many other super hybrid bikes, this bike also comes with a 700CC x 35 tires. The tires provide the perfect grip while riding and are simple awesome irrespective of terrain. They are highly dependable and extremely ideal for new riders.

The bike’s unique eye catching design provides a stylish modern design that sets the bike apart. It has a rather matching saddle and a handle design that provides the perfect riding position.

What we liked

  • Light weight steel handle

  • Well-built body

  • Urban Commuting is made easier

  • Optimum Performance

What we didn’t like

  • The ride experience is a bit rough

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For the best hybrid bikes the Critical Cycles bikes sill top the chart. Here is a simple bike review for one of the top rated Critical Cycles brand the “Harper Commuter Bike with Fixed Gear Urban”

This brand comes designed for everyday commuting. It offers some of the top qualities any biker would dream of.

For starters, the bike comes designed from premium hand built steel. This makes it classy and offers the best rides across the town.  It gives the bike a superior multi-purpose design built for leisurely rides, cruising, exercising, and even commuting.

Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

The bike is a single speed with fixed gear. The gear is designs to keep your feet comfortable and to provide you with an easy ride across all terrains.

It comes with a 700 x 38C wheels. The wheels are double-walled providing a smooth ride across different terrains.

With premium hand built steel alloy the bikes still has the best track frame with a cool bar spin clearance. There is no toe overlap or horizontal dropouts. The hub offers you a fixed or freewheel ride.

The bike has a synthetic leather saddle. It also comes with 30mm deep V rims, customized commuter tires and VP freestyle pedals. To make it more efficient are two sets of brakes and well-designed handlebars for an upright riding style.

The bikes cool design provides it with a superior touch for urban and all-terrain rides. You can easily use it for leisure and exercising as other Critical Cycles bikes reviews point out.

What we liked

  • A multi-purpose designs

  • Built using premium materials

  • Light weight

  • Well Balanced

What we didn’t like

  • The color of the bike gets damaged easily

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Unique Specialties of the CriticalCycles Bike

If you compare the Critical Cycles reviews another, you may lose the whole meaning in this. This brand usually has its specific features that it’s known for amongst its best customers.

For starters, the brand is known for the best lightweight design urban bicycles. Their bikes come in classic diamond steel and boast an upright riding position. They are also multi-purpose extremely versatile bikes that can be used for commuting, shopping, and leisure rides.

The bikes also enjoy Shimano drivetrain that provides ultimate precision, ideal speed, and superb control among other things. The tires of this bike brand are usually 700CC tires that provide the bike with the best grip when riding.

Critical Cycles will arrive when 85% built. However, it comes with a simple to use assembly user manual that allows you to complete the work. One unique feature that this brand has is the stylish saddle.

Final Word

The Critical Cycles Harper Commuter Bike with Fixed Gear Urban is best for your commuting needs. Use it to drop to work in style.