Best Hybrid Bike Saddle Reviews – 2019

Are you looking to buy a new bike or replace the saddle? Choosing the best saddle can be a little daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

You want a saddle that’s pain-free, comfortable, long-lasting, with a stylish design and easy on the pocket. It may be difficult getting a saddle with all these properties.

5 Best Hybrid Bike Saddles 2018 Updated Guide

To make the choice easier, we compiled our latest updated list of the best hybrid bike saddles for 2018. This updated list factors in safety features of all units. We also went for brands with a good reputation in terms of quality and customer support.

1. Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle (Vanox Rails)

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Saddle (Vanox Rails)
The Selle brand has created a reputation as the top makers of comfortable and long lasting best hybrid bike saddles. The Italian Diva Gel Flow is the perfect high-end women’s saddle. It is made with a streamlined profile and a sleek design that perfectly matches the female anatomical structure. The Selle Italia Diva gel flow works to provide back support and a painless ride over long distance riding.
The cover is made to last, with an attractive yet breathable full-grain leather for better cooling and less chafing. The seat is designed with silicone gel padding offering differentiated thickness to optimize back support. This spreads the weight to reduce pressure on the sit bones.

The saddle has a high-pressure resistant elastomer shock absorber system for easy riding even over rugged terrain. To last long, the seat is protected and supported by tubular Vanox rails for lightweight strength. The full-grain leather is created with the Selle’s patented SMP technology that doesn’t require metal fasteners or use of adhesives.
The Selles Italian Diva is a masterpiece worth every penny. It is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. Additionally, it is stylish with a sleek design and a center cut out designed to optimize comfort. It is perfect for fast races and long distance riding even on rugged terrain. The universal fit system makes it easy to install on any type of bike.

2. Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat – DAWAY C99 Memory Foam Padded Leather Wide Bicycle Saddle

Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat
Two bike seats are the epitome of safety and comfort, and this unit doesn’t disappoint. The wide leather saddle comes in color black and has a very attractive price list. The ergonomic design disperses pressure while the dual rubber ball suspension makes for stronger shock absorption for enhanced comfort. Like all Daway best hybrid bike saddles, the C99 is highly durable and is a professional quality bike seat. It is perfectly designed to protect the sit bones whether you are riding a fast road bike or a rugged-terrain mountain bike.


The Daway C99 is designed for enhanced comfort and a pain-free ride. The seat has thick and widened high-density foam padding. It is water resistant, non-slip, and elastic. The PVC leather is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

For safety, the Daway C99 saddle has bright waterproof 5-piece LED lights for safe riding in storms, fog, and darkness. The 5 LED’s are powered by one CR2032 battery with a work time of up to 36 hours. The LED lights are operated by a button under the lights. The lights work in 4 modes: Off, flashing, steady, and sequential.

This unit comes ready with an included bike seat rail clamp designed for all standard seat posts. The seat will fit all kinds of bikes including mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, fixed gear bikes, and cruiser bikes.


You don’t need to install an additional tail light if you have a Daway bike saddle.

The seat has a fashionable design with a hollow center cut out making it breathable and protecting the sit bones. The ergonomic design is supported by dual springs making off-road biking a pleasure. The slim shape reduces chafing and enhances breath-ability. It can be used by men, women, boys, girls, and even young kids. The unit comes with a 12-month guarantee. The seat comes with a fitting wrench, seat cover, and extra battery pack.

3. Cloud-9 Comfort Ladies’ Saddle, 10″ x 8″

Cloud-9 Comfort Ladies' Saddle, 10

Cloud-9 bicycle seats and saddles are world leaders in manufacturing special relief seats. Their main focus in bike seat design is to eliminate numbness, reduce pressure on the tailbone, and protect the prostate.
The Cloud-9 10 by 8 ladies saddle follows this tradition of creating pain-free bike saddles.


The Cloud-9 saddle is 10 inches long and 8 inches wide at the back. It’s made of foam gel using multi-stage gel technology for enhanced comfort. It features an anatomic relief design with a depressed center for painless riding. The tri-color top is covered with durable lycra.

For those long, off-road bumpy rides, the elastomer spring suspension absorbs shocks and bumps making for a more comfortable ride. The saddle comes with front and rear bumper system for enhanced safety.


This unit is made from a unique multi-stage gel technology that protects the seat from hardening and bottoming out. Most other gel seats solidify into a hardened and uncomfortable seat. The denser foam settles on the bottom and a softer layer forms on top for comfort.

While this seat is advertised for ladies, the front design also protects the male scrotum. This makes it more of a unisex bike saddle than a ladies-only unit.

The seat comes with an adjustable clamp so you can tip the front forward or backward to your comfort level. The saddle works with most hybrid bikes, road bikes, and stationary bikes

4. Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

The Selle brand earns another entry on our best hybrid bike saddles with this exquisite unit designed for ladies. It is perfect for regular commutes, middle distance riding, and stationary training. The Selle SMP TRK is designed to efficiently distribute body weight for more comfort and less wiggle. The design helps eliminate chafing, numbness, and soreness.

This unit works to improve blood circulation and increase breath-ability even when cycling in regular street clothes.


The Selle SMP TRK lady cycling saddle weighs 1lb and is 11 inches long, 5.9 inches wide. The synthetic seat cover is made from durable SVT using SMP vacuum technology. For pressure relief, the seat makes use of an anatomic central cut out design with polyurethane co-polymer shell.


The Selle SMP TRK ladies saddle has a beak-shaped nose which helps distribute weight efficiently on sharp or high incline rides. The beak nose also offers relief during declines, with improved bike control using thighs.

 The saddle has a raised rear that improves aerodynamics and improves balance on fast rides. The extra wide central channel increases breath-ability, limits pelvic floor pressure, and enhances stability and balance. This central channel design also works to boost comfort especially on fast paced competitive rides

5. Planet Bike A.R.S. Spring bike seat – men’s

Planet Bike A.R.S. Spring bike seat - men's
Planet Bike Men’s anatomic ARS series of bike seats are designed to provide anatomic relief for long rides. The saddles have a bottom layer super soft padding with a top layer of gel for superior comfort.

The sleek design has a sporty finish which looks good on road bikes, off-road mountain bikes, and even stationary training bikes. The anatomic relief features protect your back and pelvis from compression.

Planet Bike Men’s anatomic ARS series of the bike seat is designed to provide anatomic relief for long rides. The saddles have a bottom layer super soft padding with a top layer of gel for superior comfort.

The sleek design has a sporty finish which looks good on road bikes, off-road mountain bikes, and even stationary training bikes. The anatomic relief features protect your back and pelvis from compression.


The ARS Planet Bike saddle has a distinguishing feature, the full-length center channel. This helps to distribute weight for anatomic relief. It also increases breathability in the pelvic area, reducing the need to squirm. The unit measures 270mm by 165mm.

The Planet Bike ARS men’s seat has a flex support base working to ensure strong support and maximum comfort. The flex base has steel rails for support and is compatible with most bike types. The seat is covered in Super Soft Lycra padding made out of abrasion-resistant side materials.


The Planet Bike company is beloved by cyclists all over the world for their superior products and attention to detail. Their customer service is on top and their manufacturing makes use of only the best and safest materials.

The men’s ARS classic bike seat has an ergonomic design for increased comfort and back support for long and fast-paced rides. It has a sturdy structure supported by a flex support base.

It’s a perfect saddle for men as the central channel increases breath ability in the pelvic region. The front nose protects men’s private parts while the side materials protect against chafing, numbness, and soreness

Our top 5 list is regularly updated to reflect new models as they come into market. This list is updated for 2018 with some popular brands improving on earlier designs. All our top picks are chosen for comfort, durability, back support, flexibility, and breath ability.