If you are willing to join your local cycling community and weighing up cycling as your key physical activity over any other activities, this article will give you a clear guide.

Cycling helps the rider to become physically fit as well as the mother Earth to fight with the Global warming issue. This is why most of the governments are making separate lanes for cycling, promoting cycling as the green vehicle and backing cycling based projects. These efforts are giving good results.

According to ApexBikes.com’s this graph, bicycling participation in the US is increasing steadily over the years for last 10 years.

Image source: ApexBikes.com.

My article will give you more confidence to greet bicycle as your medium of regular commute to the workplace, and to take it as your way of exercising.

I will classify cycling benefits in three main categories:

  • Why cycling is good for health and fitness?
  • How regular cycling benefits a rider?
  • How cycling eases specific health issues?

So, let’s start…

1) Why cycling is good for health and fitness?

You can take cycling seriously for the following reasons:

  • Cycling is a low impact form of activity. It puts less pressure on the joints. So, cycling does not cause any strong strain on the rider’s body. This is why anyone of any age and any situation can take cycling as their medium of transportation or as a form of exercises.
  • Cycling provides overall exercise to your body. When you will ride a bicycle, most of your body parts will move. So, a few minutes of cycling every day gives the rider a total movement of their body parts.
  • Cycling is easy and fun. When compared with any other form of sports or physical activities, cycling is easy and most importantly fun.
  • Increase intensity with time. When you will start your bicycle journey, keep your cycling time lower. With the course of time, you can increase the intensity and time of your riding to keep pace with your fitness level.

2) How regular cycling benefits a rider?

Anything you do, if you do it regularly will benefit you more. If you ride for just 15 minutes a day, you will get the following life-changing results from cycling:

  • Your cardio-vascular system will be improved. You will encounter less cardio related diseases.
  • You will find more strength and flexibility with your muscles.
  • You will feel fewer stresses
  • Your body joints feel more mobility
  • You will get a straight and stout body shape
  • Your bones will be stronger day by day
  • You will face less anxiety and depression about life
  • You will be able to prevent or better manage your potential illness

3) How cycling eases specific health issues?

In this part of my article, I will discuss how cycling reduces the chance of having or handles some of the crucial health issues.

# Cycling controls obesity and weight of the riders

The main reason of obesity is less physical activity. In the age of remote control and social media, day to day physical activity by people is not enough to lead a sound and healthy life.

According to this World Health Organization’s (WHO) study, 27.5% of people all over the world don’t go through 75 minutes of intensive exercise or 150 minutes of moderate physical activities in a week.

Commuting to your workplace using a bike, or conducting sight visit every day on a bike, can fulfill WHO’s prescribed weekly physical activity.

Another research found that a person should burn at least 8400 Kilo Joules (equivalent 2000 calories) every week. And do you know how much you burn when you cycle for one hour? It is around 1200 kilo joules per hour.

Another research found that cycling 30 minutes a day will burn about 5 KGs of fat in a year. So, regular cycling adds tremendous benefits to your fat and obesity.

# Improve Cardio Vascular System

Cycling reduces the risk of having a stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and other cardio vascular-related diseases.

A study shows that if a person cycles regularly to go to his workplace, he will be less exposed to air pollution when compared with a car commuter. And it is now widely accepted that regular cycling reduces the risk of having a heart attack.

# Cycling and less chance of having cancer

A lot of researches have been done on the relation between Cancer and Cycling. It is found that regular cycling reduces the risk of having bowel and breast cancer.

# Diabetes and cycling

One of the serious public health concerns is: an increased number of people are suffering from type 2 diabetes. The main reason of the type 2 diabetes is lack of physical exercise. Regular cycling reduces the risk of developing diabetes in a person’s body.

# Arthritis and Cycling

Cycling improves the balance of your body, and strengthen the bones. So, riding a bike regularly will improve the arthritis condition if you have.

# Cycling improves mental stability

A regular bike rider enjoys less mental illness such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Cycling makes a man more social than riding a car. Most of the cyclists have their own local communities. This social interaction makes them less stressed.


So, if you’re going to take cycling as a medium of your daily commuting to the workplace or using it as your form of exercises, you have taken one of the best decisions of your life. The best way to execute and continue this decision, join your local cycling community or make partner with someone who has also taken the same decision. Joining to a community or making the partnership with the same minded person will make your riding enjoyable and if you need assistance to maintain the bike, you will get help. The cycling community or your partner will be a great help if you need any cycling advice.

How do cycling help you achieve your fitness goal? Let us know in the comment box J Eager to hear from you.