I have always said it “riding a bike needs a fit body” and the reason is simple. As someone who has been there, I know how exhausting biking can be. The longer rides that reach into the fourth-hour stretch can easily leave you with pain in different parts of the body.

Well, the thrill is usually awesome but trust me if you aren’t physically fit, the aftermath will be a sore hips, neck, and legs among others.  You could be worried, and that’s okay. But, chances are often that the muscles of the neck and shoulders aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the head for long durations. When these neck muscles tense up, the blood flow reduces and the muscles become painful due to lack of enough oxygen.

Some of the best exercises that any bike rider can go with include core strength routine, hips, limbs, back, shoulder, and neck workouts. Today I have chosen to give some simple exercises for the neck and shoulder that most beginner hybrid bikers would find really helpful when it comes to eliminating biking pain around these two areas.

1. Flexion

Flexion is simple to do, effective, and quite ideal for the neck. It is really helpful for both beginner riders and pro riders too. Many riders prefer it because you don’t have to have an instructor around.

To do it, you should stand or sit with an upright posture. Then lower your chin towards the chest. Keep doing this until you feel a stretch in the muscles around the back of the neck. Hold in this position for five seconds and repeat up to five times.

2. Chin Tucks

Chin tucks will muscle up both the shoulder and the neck. They are easy to do and will have an instant impact when done correctly. Chin tucks actually have been recommended for all bikers across the board.

Start on a neutral spine position. Place your two fingers on your chin. Gently guide the head back keeping it away from the forward head posture.  Make sure the movement is subtle. Hold for five seconds. You can repeat quite a few times as suits you.

3. Extension

The extension works so well with the muscles on the upper part of the shoulders. For people who own the best hybrid bikes, extensions will help you to couple your best biking fit with a very fit shoulder and neck.

To perform the best extensions you should choose an upright posture. Then tilt your head backward with an opposite of flexion. Keep your nose is towards the sky. The stretch comes in the back of the neck and the upper shoulder muscles too.

4. Lateral Flexion

This one goes both ways. You should do it in the Right and Left directions. It works like the normal flexion. However, the simple difference is that in this instance you won’t need to stretch your neck to the front.

Simply assume a neutral spine position. You can then bend the neck left or right depending on where you choose to start with. Your ear should go towards the shoulder. This gives the stretch at the side of the neck. Hold for about five seconds and repeat.

5. Neck Rotation

You must have seen this before. Maybe you have even done it consciously or unconsciously. It is great for the neck. It is also a great all-rounder that possibly includes every other stretching in it. Good with best hybrid bikes.

You should keep your spine in a neutral position. Then rotate the head until the chin points directly towards each shoulder. The stretch should pull on the sides of the neck. Hold and then repeat a few times on each side.

6. The Wide Rows

This is great for strength building around the shoulder and neck. It actually helped me a lot. They are also called the elbow presses. You can always increase the reps to gain more resistance.

To perform wide rows; hold your elbows away from the body while keeping them at shoulder height. Bring in the elbows back while squeezing the shoulder blades together towards your spine. Hold for five seconds and repeat eight times.

7. Shoulder Rolls

This one works the same way as the reverse shoulder shrug. It is also ideal for strengthening the neck but more specifically the shoulders.

To nail it, you should bring the shoulders up towards the ear. Contract the upper trapezius muscle when doing so. Keep your arms down by your side. Now roll the shoulders backwards and down. Additionally, rotate the shoulder blades together.

Neck and shoulder biking pains and injuries are usually the most common riding injuries that stem out of the poor riding posture and weak muscles. It is therefore very important that once you buy your best hybrid bike you determine the best riding posture.

You should also find a cool workout routine that will help you to build up your core strength and muscle endurance. Remember, cycling is a good exercise for your cardio health and doubling up with simple workout routine will only make it better for your health.