Do you have a bit of extra weight that’s stopping you from going cycling, whether for fitness or for leisure? Don’t let it. Get out there and ride. It might be a lot harder for you compared to other people but constant riding can surely build your confidence. Don’t let anyone or anything prevent you from enjoying your two-wheel adventure. You have every right to have fun biking.

Cycling is a good form of exercise too. So why not get in shape as you enjoy being on the tracks? You don’t have to spend hours biking just a few minutes a day can make a whole lot of a difference.

All you need to do is prepare yourself well in advance for the bike ride. It might take a lot more preparation but it sure will be worth it once you get on your bike. Before looking at the tips on the biking itself, it’s important to have the right bike, well maintained and properly serviced. You might have to upgrade your bike so it is in a better position to carry your weight.

There are bikes available for bigger people but if you don’t have money to buy one, you can opt to upgrade the one you currently have. Beef up the tyres, peddles, saddle and so on. The secret lies in ensuring the bike can comfortably carry your weight without breaking down. Make sure to use quality parts to upgrade your ride.

Whatever you do, do not go for the low priced bikes at the store. Their quality is nothing to write home about. You don’t want a bike that falls apart on the first ride.

Choose the Right Bike

Bikes come in various designs, models, and types. There are mountain bikes and standard bikes but the real deal is in a hybrid bike. It exhibits both features of a mountain and standard bike. The upside of a hybrid is the simple fact that is more robust and formidable as compared to a normal standard or mountain bike.

There are hybrid bike brands that cater to plus size riders. The decision here is choosing the right hybrid that will carry your weight without falling apart. Your comfort is also key so go for a bike with the right size so your posture is upright, free and natural.

Select the Correct Biking Features

The Wheels and Tyres

The wheels are a key feature in the bike you choose. You don’t want a bike whose spokes pierce the tyres when you attempt to get on. Choose wheels that are solid and robust and fitted with quality tyres to carry your weight and provide a firm clutch even on slippery terrain.

Because of your size, fit your bike with wider tyres that have rough outer tread are suitable for wet trail. Hybrid bikes purposed for cruising, urban commuting or leisure riding are fitter with slimmer tyres for easy maneuver on roads. Because of your weight though, slimmer tyres are not recommended.

Some bike brands offer puncture resistant tyres which save you a lot of hassle even as you go through rough terrain or conditions. You can consider them as well.

Avoid rims that are prone to rust as they tend to damage tyres quite fast.

The Saddle

To ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during your sport cycling or commuting, the seat I should be snugly fit.  The saddle should provide extreme comfort and your feet should comfortably reach the pedals while seated.

You can opt for ergonomic saddles with an alloy quick release seat clamp to boost your comfort as you ride.

The Gears

Hybrids vary in their gear system with some boasting of up to 21 to 24 gears that can maneuver whichever terrain you ride on. If you are a plus size cyclist the best hybrid bike would be one with more gears and shifts smoothly.

Tune your hybrid to shift smoothly after assembly for a smooth ride. As a bigger cyclist fit your hybrid bike with lower gears so as to ride a bit slower.

Finally, make sure you use the right cycling clothes as opposed to your regular clothes. Padded clothes will help you maintain your comfort and avoid aches and pains when you are on your bike for an hour.

In short, don’t let your plus size keep you off the road. Cycle for fun or fitness as you apply the tips above.