I have been racing bikes for the last 15 years now. I remember when I started I was only twelve. During our training, my instructor would always stress on the need to wear the right biking gears before you hit the road. His favorite gear was always the best mountain biking helmets – and so was mine.

While I loved my helmet then; for its striking style, beauty, and more specifically flashy colors, the real reason my instructor kept stressing on the need for a helmet was different. Of importance, helmets will protect you from any head-related injuries in case you fall from your bike or get involved in an accident.

Today, and with my experience soaring higher and higher, I have come to realize that my mountain biking helmets is indeed one of the most fundamental biking gadgets that I can never let go of.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Biking Helmet

Like we have seen helmets are designed to keep you safe. In order to enjoy the highest sense of safety, you need to have the best helmet when you choose to buy. Here are the tips that will give you the best.

Best Fit

Measure the circumference of your head and get a helmet that perfectly fits your head. This especially important if you are buying online. Because you can’t physically try on your helmet, you’ll want to know the size of your head (round) and the helmets size.


Put a budget down and get a helmet whose price fits your budget. There is no need to strain. Often you just need a simple design that works effectively. There are so many affordable helmets out there and with a keen eye, you can easily get the very best one for you.


A helmet with a visor is often more superior. When you look at the best MTN bike helmets reviews, you will realize that design plays a key role on giving the helmet a stylish touch and also giving it the best appeal to any biker who chooses to use it.


I often tell my young riders that color on a helmet is everything; if you blend your colors well, you can easily get the best style. Going for a helmet that offers you many colors to choose from therefore is usually very important.


Finally check on the reviews and find out what the users say about your preferred type of helmet. This will give you a sneak peak on what to expect when you buy the helmet. Reviews are a great way to determine the perfect brand.

How Do the Best Mountain Biking Helmets Help?

Basically, our reasons for using a helmet are quite a number. In many occasions, they will include the following.

Protect Your Head

The best biking helmets should keep you safe from any head related injuries. Remember, your head is a very delicate part of your body and in case of a crush, fall, or accidents, if you left your head exposed you could easily sustain fatal injuries including concussion and internal head injury.

Keep You Stylish

Apart from protecting your head – which is the basic reason why we use helmets, your best mountain biking helmets will also keep you stylish. Generally, whether a professional biker or not, you always want to have a style of your own which actually sets you apart of the pack and give you the perfect identity.

Keeps You Visible

There is a need to remain visible to other road users especially when you are on the road. Flashy helmets with bright colors will easily give a shiny glow that allows other road users to be aware of your presence. You can always add decals to make it far much better.

Protects Your Eyes

You may not have realized it, but helmets with a visor are great additions if you want to protect your eyes from dust, debris, snow, and many other harsh weather elements including the sun’s UV rays.

All in all, experience has taught me to always keep an eye on what other bikers say about a product before I spend my money on it. And for my helmets, going with the best MTN bicycle helmets reviews has been of great help.