Cycling is a great way of exercising but only when done right. It is preferred to running because it exerts less pressure on the back. Back pain can arise from cycling even when you don’t have a history of back aches.

You don’t want to end up with a bike that leaves you with back aches and body pains after hours of leisure riding or fitness cycling. Finding a hybrid bike that fits right is key. It is important to consider what best suits your needs when making a purchase. What is your intended use for the bike? Is it for leisure riding, fitness cycling or urban commuting? Or are you looking for an all-weather bike that meets your riding needs?

The primary function for the bike should help you select the best features for when making a buying consideration for a hybrid bike. The best features will ensure you have a comfortable ride and eliminate the chances of back pains because of cycling.

Causes of Cyclist Back Pain

  • Wrong Size of Bike

Many cyclists who experience back pain ride bikes that are ill-fitting. Either the bike is too large that they can hardly control it or too small that they can hardly fit their knees.

  • Poor Posture while Cycling

Another cause of cycling back pain is poor posture. If the bike features are inappropriate then it is likely that you will experience lower back pain. For instance, if the frame set is too large for you that you can hardly reach the handlebars or the saddle is too high that you can’t sit comfortably while riding.

  • Injury from cycling

Back Pain can also arise due to injury obtained from a cycling adventure. A hard fall can easily hurt your spine and cause you a lot of agonies. Anatomical issues can also cause back pain. Misalignment of your spine or discrepancy in leg length can lead to serious back pain.

  • Riding Style

If you are fond of pushing big gears while going uphill your chances of having back pain increases. The angle of the back while pushing such gears on your bike will determine the amount of strain on your back.

So how can you beat cyclist back pain?

Get the right bike size

In addition to the above, you will also want to consider the bike’s dimensions. Find a bike that is suitable for your height. You don’t want one that is too high for you to sit comfortably or for your foot to firmly step on the pedal or ground. Your knees should be comfortable as you sit on the saddle to avoid aches and pains. Don’t invest in a bike that makes it challenging for you to sit properly. Pick a hybrid bicycle whose size suits you. Not too big for you to control and not too small to leave you in an uncomfortable pose.

Go for a comfortable Saddle

The hybrid bikes have broader saddles compared to the standard road and mountain bikes. The padding should be just enough to take up your weight while you ride in an upward position. Avoid too much padding as it might be uncomfortable and cumbersome in a more aggressive position.

Settle for a flat horizontal handlebar

Choose a hybrid bike whose handlebars are long, straight and flat to ensure you are at a non-strenuous position when riding.

It is even better if the handle bars feel comfortable to your touch as it offers a good grip.

Go for a rehabilitation program

When you have back pain it is advisable to enroll in a rehabilitation program before it gets severe. A rehabilitation program aims at improving your core strength through specific exercises. Some types of yoga are also good at working on your core strength to improve your stability and reduce back pain.

Get the right bike fit, go for a bike whose features you are comfortable with and always go for gym exercise that improves your core strength. Spinal health is important and should not be taken lightly. If you have a fall while cycling you need to take it seriously and visit your doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry.