For you to comfortably ride your bike and enjoy while at it, you need to take safety precautions while on the road.

Riding your bike without taking safety into consideration can make you brush with the law and worse still get into an accident.

The same way you put time and effort into shopping for a good hybrid and its maintenance, it is also important to consider your safety once you set out on your two wheel adventure.

The number one safety tip you should always bear in mind is planning for your trip.

Knowing the route you will be riding on and identifying the bicycle-friendly transit points is a key consideration at the planning stage.

This will ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the route before heading out on your bike.

The other key consideration is how prepared you are for your trip. Ensure that your bike is functioning properly. Check that it is well serviced and maintained.

It is a good idea to carry bike spare parts for replacements in case of a breakdown. A spare tyre comes in handy when you unexpectedly get a puncture.

If you are riding in a congested city you might want to consider the security of your bike once you get to your destination.

What are the available security options? Some hybrid bikes come with anti-theft components and will spare you the headache of worrying about security.

If it has no anti-theft features, consider using the Sturdy chain, U-lock or double lock to fasten your bike to a post.

This will help ensure your bike stays where you leave it.

Remember failure to adhere to safety rules might give you a not so pleasant experience as it might work against you.

While there are several ways that you can ensure your cycling safety, let us highlight the 7 important tips on how to ride safely.

Be Predictable

Stay visible by wearing bright colored clothes and don’t weave in and out of traffic or parked cars because other road users might not be aware of your presence.

Hand Signal & Look Twice

Signal to let others know where you’re going, and always look out. Alert other road users of your intended course of action.

Be Heard

Communicate! Ring your bell and/or call out to let drivers, pedestrians and cyclists know you’re there. If you’re not sure they heard you the first time, call out again.

Protect Your Head

Helmets are strongly recommended for bikers of all ages and skill levels. The law requires that you always have one on when cycling if you’re under 18.

Ride Right, Pass Left

When on sidewalks, maneuver around pedestrians because they have the right of way. Pass safely and politely by using a bell and/or your voice to signal when you wish to pass.

Leaving the Bike Lane

If you need to ride outside of the bike lane to turn or avoid a hazard, use hand signals and be safe.

Avoid the Door Zone

Bike lane or not, ride far enough away from parked cars to stay clear of opening doors.

Did you find these tips useful? Feel free to share more tips that have not been mentioned here.

Bottom line is be safe!