Bike racing…that’s the one thing that melts my heart; I can’t stop waiting for the next one even when I just walked off the track.  However, it’s never for the fainthearted. You need to prepare adequately before every bike race that you jump into with your best hybrid bike.

Even so, bike racing is not only challenging but one of the most rewarding ways to improve your physical and mental fitness. Additionally, you can also use it to boost your handling skills. So whether you’re aiming to get into the shorter cross-country races or long-distance triathlon events preparation is key.

Here are some of the top things you’ll want to know way before you’re standing on the bike race starting line.

Know your Track – Scout It

Knowing your track will improve your chances of getting a great start with your best hybrid bike. If you have time to scope out the course it will be great. You will know right before the race where the very first bend lies and where the bump is. However, this can only be done for maybe the first few hundred meters to gain some ground over your competitors. Boost it with a simple setting off practice.

Get a Plan to Get Off the Line

If you are a starter you will realize that bike races are often mass events. You must have watched this in TV. They can be very hectic in the very first minutes. Because of this you should avoid the clatter. Have a plan on how to move out quite cleanly from the pack. A clinical dash means you’d be able to make up a number of places earlier in the race. You will be able to do the following.

  • Avoid collisions
  • Get smooth rides on narrow paths.
  • Build a good deal of confidence
  • Have enough time to catch up in case of a problem.
  • Have the perfect environment to control your bike.
  • Enjoy your race hustle free to the finishing line.

Have the Right Pacing Too

This might sound simple, but for the best hybrid bike rider it is everything. Remember biking is an endurance sport. The success therefore lies on good pacing – no doubt! But what’s pacing in bikes; this is simply creating the best balance between riding fast and storing enough energy and power to finish the race strongly. By pacing right you will be able to beat a number of riders that are fading at the last lap. Here is the pacing trick.

  • Ride the first third of the race a little easier.
  • Use the lap function on your GPS is you have any.
  • Set your mind in the race and enjoy your race.

Have a Good Fuelling Strategy

A fuelling strategy is powerful. The one truth when it comes to racing is that fact that nutrition plays a very key role. It is important to observe the best nutrition during and after the race. You should even plan it out before the race. This is simple and won’t take much of your time too.

  • Simple identify the feed stations along the racing course
  • Determine the best parts of the track to consume your food.
  • Look for ample places where you can take a hand of the handlebar.
  • Go for fast to consume light foods; energy drinks with no digestive complications.

Remember that for the pre-nutrition; it’s important to finish your meals 3 hours before the race to get the right boost on your blood sugar levels and that’s you aren’t weighed down by full tummy.

Warm Up Before the Racing

With your best hybrid bike ready you should start by warming up. This is key to a strong performance in the race. This is really good for shorter events. Generally, a good warm up prepares the muscles and the tendons for the competition.

It also helps to get oxygenated blood to flow through your veins and through the heart too. Additionally, you will be able to determine if you are in right shape for the race. In short warming up is a good test to determine if you’ve got no injuries prior to the race.

If you choose to warm up before the race you can also experiment with the many different ways of warming up. Different drills will target different areas and that’s just super cool for your race.

Confidence is the Best Trick

It’s never easy to line up with your best hybrid bike for your first race ever. Trust me when I say that it takes guts.  You could easily start t worry whether you bike is up to the task or not. Because of this you should really perform a few confidence boosting trick such as the following.

  • Check your bike to ensure it is at its best.
  • Talk to the other races just a little bit to get friendly.
  • Test your bike and how comfortable you are in your racing gears.

Bike racing is much more than just having the best hybrid bike to jump on. It takes concentration, metal alertness, and a physical body. With all these and a great bike, you should be able to get it right.