Exercise is one of the recommended ways to relieve stress. And what better way than to exercise and enjoy yourself than through cycling. Any biker will tell you how fulfilling and stress relieving any cycling adventure is. It doesn’t matter whether you are leisure riding, cycling for fitness or commuting to work. Riding is a stress reliever. But this is only possible then you plan your cycling adventure. Failing to plan for your biking journey is simply planning to fail.

Imagine riding in a congested city and failing to take into consideration your security, knowledge of the route or city laws. Instead of beating stress, you are likely to double it since you will be in for a long, bumpy ride. Literally.

In this post let’s look at what will help you ride happily and beat stress through cycling in a 4-step plan.

Service Your Bike

Ensure your bike is well maintained and ready for your adventure if you wish to ride happy. Riding your bike on different terrain on a regular basis causes wear and tear on your bike. For you to properly service and maintain your ride, you must first know your bike. Consider your biking journey ahead. You should also keep your primary function in mind. What kind of terrain will you ride on? Will you use your bike on wet trail? How long will your ride last?

These kind of questions should help you determine how much you should service your bike. And if your bike needs replacement or upgrading of parts to stop wear and tear.

From the tyres to the brake pads to the wheels you name it. Your bike requires proper service to maintain their efficiency. For any components that need greasing and lubrication, the task should be done religiously. You also need to replace worn out parts with new ones to keep your ride as good as new and make it ready for the adventure ahead.

It is important to always store your bike when clean. Mud and grit that stick on bike components after a two-wheel adventure easily lead to wear and tear. The rims, for example, are prone to rust and should be cleaned with clean, fresh water to avoid dirt build up.

Consider Your Safety

Riding your bike without taking safety into consideration can give you a horrible experience and add to your stress levels. As much as you put effort into servicing and maintaining your bike, it is also important to consider your safety once you put your stallion on the road.

Here are quick tips that will help you stay safe and ride happy.

  • Be predictable on the road
  • Use hand signals and look twice
  • Communicate loudly while on the road
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Ride right and pass left
  • Make use of designated bike lanes
  • Avoid the door zone

You must also consider what happens to your bike once you reach your destination. Imagine leaving your bike somewhere for a short while only to get back and find it missing. This will add to the stress that you were trying to beat in the first place. Find ways of securing your bike with a U-lock, double lock or sturdy chain. This will help ensure your bike stays where you leave it.

Know Your Route

Take your time in knowing the route you will be riding on and identify the bicycle-friendly transit points. You need to be comfortable with the route before heading out on your bike.

A good tip would be respected for the law. You will have to follow the same rules as motorists or other bikers. Never ride against traffic.

Different cities have different laws so make sure you are conversant with the areas riding laws so that you can have a happy stress-free ride.

Ride Away

Once you have considered the three steps above the final step is the actual ride. Cycling when your bike is well serviced, your safety is well taken care of and you know your route well the experience will simply help you beat stress and enjoy your ride.

Happy and stress-free riding is just 4 steps away. Plan as above and enjoy your two-wheel adventure for a healthier body and mind.