How many things could go wrong out there when am on my best hybrid bike? This is a question that very many new bike riders ponder. Well, accidents happen; and that’s a reality that we must always accept. To keep our selves safe as bike riders, there are many rules that we have to watch. These rules are the thing lines between avoiding an accident and getting back safely to the arms of your loved ones.

Here are some of the best tips that beginner bike riders can really enjoy to maintain a great bike safety on and off the road. They have been tested and many pros agree that they are of much help.

Wear the Right Gear

Right gear adds protection. The right gear for bike riding includes wearing a helmet, gloves, knew caps, and eye protectors. These gears will ensure that in case of any accident your do not sustain major injuries.

Stay Visible for Road Users

If you can be seen; the less likely that you will be hit. This is really important is you are riding at night or in the rain. The best ways to stay visible is to use LED lights on your best hybrid bike in low-light conditions, wear reflectors, and use fenders.

Keep your Eyes Open at all Times

You have to be aware of your surroundings. This means you have to stay alert all the times. You should also avoid making rushed decisions. It is important to look before you make turns of move into the road. You are a road user first!

Always Communicate with Other Road Users

This is not possible…too bad it is very possible! You can talk to the car driver and alert them before you take the right turn. Always use signals. Like vehicles you will need to use your hands to show your next intention and signals other road users on where you’re going.

Always Lookout For Obstacles In Your Path

Apart from keeping alert, you should also lookout for any obstacles along your path. This will reduce the chances of causing an accident. You should watch out for oil spills, potholes, and bumps among things.

Choose to Go with The Flow: It is Vital Too

This simply means flowing with the traffic to the same direction. Going against the grain can be tough, hectic, and pose to many hazards. Going with the flow minimizes obstacles and even the chances for glaring lights.

Move About Like A Motor Car Would Do

Because you are a bicycle it doesn’t means that you should jump in and out of lanes anytime it befits you – hell no! The truth is drivers are used to driving patterns of other drivers. So don’t weave in and out of lanes you could be hit.

Avoid all the Distractions that You Get

Don’t Get Distracted it could expose you to danger.  In fact don’t listen to music, keep headphones on, talk on the phone, or check your social media status while riding on your best hybrid bike.

Remember the Ultimate: Obey all Traffic Laws

You are a road user, act like one. You should keep to your side of the road. Don’t jump traffic lights. Watch out and signals before making turns. Maintain eye contact whenever communication with other road users.

Make Sure Your Bike is Well Maintained Too

Find out the following; is your bicycle properly adjusted? Is your saddle in a comfortable position? Is the seat post wobbling or stable? Is the handlebar in the perfect fit position? Are the tires well inflated too?

Quickly Test Your Bike Before Going Out Too

Do a Quick Bicycle Test Check. Check out if can you properly control the bike and try out the brakes and your wheels to make sure that they are working properly. The “quick release” wheels should also be properly secured.

Kids and Bike: How to Keep Your Child Safe

If you have kids who are using bicycles you should teach them all these rules before thy come off age. Most importantly remind them of the following.

  • Take proper care of their bike
  • Stay off the roads until they have the best skills
  • Wear the right gear every time they are riding.
  • Learn all the road rules and follow/ respect them
  • Stick to cycle lanes and paths every time they are riding.
  • Stay alert to whatever is happening around them
  • Attend their Bike Education classes/ lessons.

The more predictably you ride your best hybrid bike, the safer you will be on the road. Therefore it is important that above everything else you have all the traffic rules in mind. Also you should be well aware of the traffic around you.